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Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 3Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 4Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 5Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 6Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 7Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 8Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 9Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 10Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 11Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 12Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 13Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 14Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 15Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 16Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 17Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 18Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 19Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2 в фото 20
51 000$

Нячанг, Квартира 65 m2

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I sell apartments in a complited residential complex in Nha Trang (Vietnam). The price of a three-room apartment 65m2 is $ 51000. The apartment is located on the 9th floor, in the building of 15 floors. The apartment has 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 loggias. View: sea, mountains. Great quality housing. The material of the house is monolith-brick. The complex is located 800 meters from the sea. Housing costs (Housing and Utilities) are the lowest in the city. The complex has a secure underground parking, a swimming pool with a relaxation area. Round-the-clock security of the complex. Developed infrastructure. Located in a quiet and comfortable place. Convenient for families with children.
Nha Trang is an exotic resort, washed by the warm waters of the South China Sea. The city is conveniently nestled between the mountains covered with tropical vegetation and a delightful bay, which is one of the top 35 most beautiful bays in the world. Interesting architectural monuments have been preserved on the territory of the city, among which the Ponagar temple complex and the Cham towers shine. There is also a unique reserve Ba Ho, which took refuge in rugged jungle. Vinpearl is also located here. On its territory of 200,000 m² there are attractions, a water park, a zoo, a botanical garden, a magnificent beach. Other offshore islands have a lot to offer too.
Общая площадь 65 кв.м.
Жилая площадь 57 кв.м.
Площадь кухни 8 кв.м.
Этаж 9
Этажность 15
Балкон Да
Тип объекта новостройка
Ипотека Нет
Тип дома кирпичный
Нячанг, Вьетнам Показать на карте
Менее недели назад 551 просмотр
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